About Meeeeeeeeeee

Yeah yeah yeah. I’m a fan. A fanfic-reading fannish kinda fan. Been kicking around in various corners of big-“F”-Fandom since the early ’70s. The 1970s, that is.

Right now, my corner is media fandom & fanfiction, subcategory slash. I read fanfiction, mostly slash. I meta about fandom, fanfiction and slash. I rec fanfiction, mostly slash.

My media fandoms are many and varied. I’ll make a list sometime and put it here. Don’t hold your breath, though.

I mostly hang around LiveJournal. I’m Djinanna there, too.

What’s mine is mine; what’s yours is yours, what’s theirs is theirs. I’m not claiming any different. But what’s mine is (c) 2006 by me. And there just might be Adult Content found here, so keep that in mind before you go exploring.


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